The Intention Program


The Intention Program


The Intention Program is a transformative course for anyone who wants to bring more positivity and self-care into their life and work.

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In the small and big moments of life, we all need ways to navigate toward positivity and hope.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: 

You’d welcome tools that help you stay grounded and focused.

You believe self-care is essential to well-being.

You want to feel a deeper connection to your life and prioritize the things you truly care about.

You are a self-starter, but would welcome a coach and guide - someone with expertise and a gentle approach to lead the way.

If this sounds refreshing to you, you're in the right place. The Intention Program can help.

The Intention Program gives you the tools and nourishment you need to tap into the ability you already possess to experience greater joy, strengthen your positivity muscle, and connect with your heart.

Pamela testimonial

The Intention Program is for you if:

If any of these raise your spirits, you will benefit from participating in The Intention Program:

  • You could use some nourishment and self-care.

  • You’re in a transition and want tools to navigate it with positivity.

  • You believe now is the best time to invest in creating the future you want.

  • You want to expand your threshold for creativity and risk-taking.

  • You work with people and want to add positivity skills to your toolkit.

  • You crave a community that is uplifting and values personal growth.

The Intention Program is:

The Intention Program is a 6-week personal development course created and facilitated by Ann Drew Yu, and is delivered in-person or through live video calls to a group. Each week for six weeks, we’ll move together through specific, illuminating exercises; learn a new positivity skill to practice in between sessions; and move forward on simple, personalized intentions you set for yourself -- all while celebrating your growth.

The experiential curriculum is:

  • Part practical, specific tools that draw upon Eastern philosophy, neuroscience, and positive psychology.

  • Part inner work to help you become aware of your current "thought habits" and build new habits.

  • Part support and gentle accountability as you develop a new way of thinking.

Diane testimonial

In their own words .... participants share their experiences:

The Intention Program has helped me: 

  • "Bring greater positivity and encouragment to my team."

  • "Be more present with my ailing mother-in-law."

  • "Trust myself and ask my boss for permission to work from home one day a week. (He granted my request.)"

  • "Accept where I am in life and move forward."

  • "See that enjoyment of life is completely within my control."

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After The Intention Program, you can expect to:

  • Take inspired action toward joyful, heart-centered living.

  • Prioritize what's important to you.

  • Experience greater compassion toward yourself.

  • Access your inner wisdom and define what success means to you.

  • Unhook from negativity and perfectionism.

  • Recognize a negative thought as a thought - not truth - and know how to shift it.

  • Draw upon positive lifestyle skills you can use any time, any where, to get unstuck, reduce anxiety, and manifest the things you truly care about.


The course meets for one hour per week for six weeks, either in person or online, depending on the needs of the group.


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