Intention Coaching :: Mini-Session with Ann

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Ann at Computer teal.001.jpg

Intention Coaching :: Mini-Session with Ann


If you're feeling stuck and want help honing in on your next positive step, let's jumpstart the process together and get you back on track.  

Working together in a focused, 15-minute session, we'll do a quick deep dive to get to the heart of the matter and craft a personalized intention that feels simple, doable, and gets the energy moving. 

Pre-requisite: Completion of The Intention Program. 

See below to learn how it works. Still have questions? Email me at

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How it works:

1. Purchase your mini-session. When I receive notification of your purchase, I'll email you within 24 hours to schedule your session.

2. We'll have a 15-minute phone conversation, during which we'll work together to identify and craft your intention. 

3. As we wrap up, we'll set your intention. 

When we finish, you'll have identified a simple, clear focus that inspires a feeling of "Yes! I can do that."