How this came to be ....

The next session of The Intention Program is coming up, and today I want to tell you why I teach this course and how it came to be.

I began studying intention in 2002. Eight years ago, I grabbed some paper and wrote down bullet points of the wisdom I'd acquired over my years of deep study and walking-the-talk.

What emerged was a manifesto, of sorts. I called it "Five Steps to Positive Change" and shared it with you all in a newsletter.  

Within minutes of hitting the send button, I got a call from a woman who was at her computer and had just read my Five Steps. She told me she wanted to make a positive change in her life, but didn't know where to begin. She'd built an accomplished career in corporate America, yet knew this environment wasn't healthy for her. She knew - with every fiber of her being - it was time for a change.  

After telling me her story, she asked me with great sincerity, "Can you help me?" 

I paused and replied honestly. "I'm not sure. Let me think about it, and I'll call you back."

For the next few days, I sat with this question, "How can I help her?" I'm not a career coach. I'm not a therapist. I'm not a miracle worker. But I do know a lot about creating intentional, positive change. And I know how to teach."

So I called her back and said, " Here's what I can offer. I can teach you the skills for positive change that are the underpinnings of the Five Steps, I can give you a simple way to practice them, and I can offer you support and gentle accountability as you go. You, then, can take the tools and use them however you need -- to make a change within your current job, to transition to a new career, whatever. The skills stand alone, yet they also build a framework you can apply to any positve change. Does that sound helpful?"

 She said, "Yes!" and The Intention Program was born.

Over the years since then, I've taught these positivity skills to many people - attorneys, parents, corporate employees, foster youth, small business owners, teens, new empty nesters, and more. 

Although the skills are universal, I've learned everyone is drawn to the program for different reasons. One person had a negative boss and craved skills (and a community) that was all about positivity. Another was seeking self-care after years of putting her family first. Another was moving cross-country and wanted a fresh mindset to support her fresh start. 

The range of motivations people bring is one of the things I love most about teaching this. The Intention Program is so much more than a finite course; it's a dynamic experience that creates community and brings unique outcomes for each participant.

I provide the information, activities, and nurturing space to practice. You bring your desires, curiosity and willingness to play. It's a beautiful, creative process that's rich with opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

At the end of six weeks, you have a toolkit for positive change, a personalized experience with an uplifting community, and a framework you can use again and again to bring more positivity into your daily life. 

Now, eight years later, I look back to that first client - and yes, she left her corporate job and is now creating, collaborating, and sharing her talents with the world in a way that feeds her - and I thank her for asking "Can you help?" and all that it ignited in me. 

The more I teach The Intention Program, the clearer I get that these skills are lifeskills that everyone needs, yet few have been taught. I hope to do my small part to change that. The world needs more wise, kind-hearted people - adults and youth - bringing forth their talents and positive energy.